Emotional and Physical Healing Using Forgiveness

As women, we naturally approach the world from a “feeling” perspective. And this can be an amazing perspective, unless our dominant feelings are ones that are holding us back and causing our true joyful nature to be hidden from the world. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that helps us to find a new place of being in the world. A place where we can have amazing self-esteem, fulfilling relationships, and strong healthy bodies. During this workshop, I teach participants how to use forgiveness to shift their limiting beliefs, to free up their energy so they can apply it to things that they really want in their lives, and to break patterns that cause them to repeat experiences that don’t serve them. We will begin with a short PowerPoint presentation on forgiveness, how and why it works, and how to specifically use it in the healing process. Together we do healing work on a few core areas where most women have limiting beliefs; areas such as money, love relationships, body image, and self-worth. Then if time allows, I will survey the ladies in attendance to see if there are some common issues/experiences that apply to a few women in attendance, such as abuse, rape, physical trauma (accident or injury), or other emotionally traumatic events. If so, we will work through healing these issues together. I have been blessed to experience some truly amazing transformations through this work, and have found that when a group of women move together toward a common goal of healing, the result is nothing short of miraculous!

Presented By Janette Trent

Janette TrentJanette is a Nurse Practitioner and the creator of a technique called Bio-Cognitive Attunement, which is a technique that allows the body to release negative emotions that are stored in the nervous system. Using this technique, she has helped hundreds of clients to find and let go of old patterns and belief systems that have kept them from living joyful and fulfilled lives. Working together towards emotional and spiritual health, Janette empowers her clients to continue their healing process as part of a lifelong approach to total wellness.

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