Elena Rossi

Elena Rossi

About Elena
Elena Rossi, Msc ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor working in private practice in downtown Toronto where she owns and operates an integrative health clinic. She treats a range of health concerns, with a special interest in mental health conditions – especially eating disorders, sleep disorders, mood disorders, trauma recovery, and addictions. She uses clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, acupuncture, and homeopathy, while emphasizing depth psychology as a cornerstone for healing. Dreamwork is used as a primary tool in treatment, forming a foundation to support each patient’s unique and personal process of recovery.

Learn More @ www.mahayahealth.com

Morning Group Activity:
Morning Dream Share (6:30-8am – Saturday & Sunday)
*Sign up for Morning Dream Share at the weekend*
Our dreams are colourful, creative, sensational (and yes, sometimes scary), imaginings of our waking life. If we can catch a dream, engage in it, and connect with it, we allow ourselves to tap into our own wise and sensitive selves – our dreams can show us where we’re stuck, what we’re stuck on, where we’ve come from, and can help us move toward where we’d like to go next. Sharing a dream in a safe and supportive setting can introduce you to your dream world, and can support you in the dream work you may already be doing. Groups will be small (max 10-12 people) and will begin with a review of generally accepted ethics and privacy practices. Dream sharing will be facilitated using the Montague Ullman “If it were my dream…” method to support a safe and contained sharing environment. More in-depth dream work will be available in a one-to-one setting, allowing the opportunity for emotional exploration and the resulting deep personal insights, as well as guidance in continuing personal dream work.

One-to-One Session:
Dream Work
Have you had a dream that has stuck with you? Whether vivid, colourful, fun, scary or just plain strange, our dreams can give us guidance and wisdom. Here is a chance to connect your dream imagery to your waking life, and come to understand what your dreams have to teach you.
Cost: $75 for 30 minutes / $125 for 60 minutes (payable at the event)

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