Diana Steadman

Diana SteadmanAbout Diana
As a mother of two young boys and a public health nurse I am passionate about healthy eating. With growing concerns of climate change I have moved towards a mainly plant-based diet as a means of achieving reduction in our family’s carbon emissions and achieving an improvement in our health. I love being in the kitchen combining fresh flavours and ingredients sourced from our extra large veggie patch out back. As a busy working mother I recognize that finding balance is important. I won’t always be able to put that ideal meal on the table and that’s alright. I’ll get back at it tomorrow. That’s the thing about food, the next meal is right around the corner.

Communal Cooking Session 4: Creating a Hearty Breakfast without the Eggs!
Tasked with feeding a crowd brunch and need to satisfy a vegan guest in the mix? This breakfast will please all who grace your weekend morning table.  I will provide you with some proven tips for working with tofu as we prepare it scrambled and packed with maximum flavour.  Want to try your hand at baking without eggs?  We’ll also be making some muffins to please those sweet tooths in the crowd.

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