Dana-Lee LeClair

dana leclair_circleAbout Dana-Lee

Dana-Lee wanted to be a registered massage therapist since she graduated from high school in 1998. But then life happened and she was only able to take a body massage course in 2000. Then in 2007 she had the opportunity to go back for RMT and has been working in this field ever since. She has learned a great deal since starting but feels her skills as a woman who’s been through some great hardship can provide my clients with much needed stress relief, hope and healing of all kinds. “Allow me to help you heal physically, emotionally and mentally…”

15-Minute Massage Treatment
The massage will be done in a chair, over clothes and will include the back, neck, shoulders, and even the lower back. The treatment will help ease stress and discomfort, increase relaxation, and possibly work out trigger points – which are tight knots in the muscles that can cause pain referrals, headaches and tension.
Cost: Included as one of the FOUR 15-minute sessions in the Passport to Healing for $55 (payable when you register online)

One-to-One Session:
30-Minute Massage Treatment
This is a half an hour registered massage therapy treatment done on a massage table. This treatment will ease stress, increase relaxation, increase blood circulation and work out tension in the body. The massage can be performed over clothes or skin on skin.
Cost: $57 for 30 minutes (payable at the event)

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