Delicious Food Cooked in Community

The food at Bliss is cooked with love and in community with others.

The food at a Bliss weekend is a bit of a magical affair. We organize the groceries, the facility and the recipes. Then together the group of us work together to create meals that are as good for our bodies as they taste in our mouths.

The food is as unprocessed and as “close-to-the-earth” as possible. The menus feature whole, real foods: fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses (including tofu/tempeh), eggs, snacks and treats.

Gaby runs the kitchen throughout the weekend and as an established ‘foodie’ she guides and orchestrates scrumptious vegetarian (mostly vegan), gluten and nut freefare. She also encourages the enjoyment of wine as you cook, if you wish! Gabbing, laughing, chopping, cooking and imbibing – what could be better!



If you have any dietary needs, let us know, we should be able to accomodate. Most venues are nut-free facilities, so no nuts of any kind please!

If cooking is not your thing, we welcome your help with the clean up. We ask each woman to help with one prep OR clean-up of one meal. We call it your karma hour. It’s how we give to each other throughout the weekend. It feels good and we build community as we do it!

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