Claudia Alvarez-Vega

Claudia Alverez-VegaClaudia was born and raised in Mexico city, and moved to Canada 15 years ago. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science but her profession has never taken her breath away. She realized early in her career that she was not going to continue on that path so she started doing some freelance writing and became acquainted with topics that are close to her real passions: yoga, emotional healing and spiritual and physical nourishment. She has been a food addict for more than 30 years, bouncing back and forth between bulimia, anorexia and compulsive overeating. Food has been her drug of choice to cope with her messy life. Even today that her life is much better, she relapses once in a while but she has learned to forgive and love herself to move forward and not look back feeling guilty, worthless, powerless and hopeless.

Workshop Presentation:
Yoga, Soul & Food: Coping With Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are multi-factorial. So many things are involved in what makes us eat, not eat or overeat but it is the tools we use once we realize we are in this painful rollercoaster that help us to recover the broken pieces of our lives and our hearts.

I am not an eating disorder expert. I don’t have a degree in psychology or nutrition. I can’t give you a magic solution to your relationship with food. What I am offering you is my true and honest testimonial on how I have been able to overcome the challenges of this painful addiction through my physical and spiritual tools such as my yoga practice, my faith, my love for animals and plants, my inspirational books and quotes, my passion for singing, dancing and writing and believe or not my joy for cooking after such a dysfunctional relationship with food.

I will share with you some of my favorite recipes and yoga poses and how they have helped me to overcome my emotional cravings, weaving the breath and the movement to feel the connection between mind and body. I will also throw some Kundalini breathing techniques in to bring joy to your heart and soul and along the way you will hear some of my favorite quotes that remind me my worth as a human being.

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