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Jacynthe (Jaz) Villemaire is a Reiki Master and Spiritual Coach. After graduating from University, she built a successful career in communications and training development with the Government of Canada. But although the salary and benefits were excellent, there was a big piece missing: her creative, caring and intuitive heart could not find a meaningful outlet and got lost in all the paper trails and policies. She painfully discovered that no matter your business drive, your social success or the amount of your knowledge, if you don’t follow the calling of your heart you will feel empty and dissatisfied. Being out of alignment with your heart’s desire brings stress, tension, depression and physical aches and pains. Enough was enough.

In December of 2013, she took the biggest leap of faith and quit her job to create the soulfully inspired life she desired – and she has not regretted it one bit.

Jaz is an avid and constant student of Life. She studied with masters in Canada, the USA and Brazil. She loves to take her dog, Maya, for leisurely walks near the St. Lawrence River, and she travels as often as possible. For her 40th birthday, she celebrated by trekking solo in London, UK to soak up the historical – and modern – vibes of that wonderful city.

Her services include various practices of Reiki, soul coaching, Chakradance, intuitive readings, Akashic records, tarot and oracle readings. Jaz teaches women how to live a joyful and inspired life by tapping into their intuition and clearing the hang-ups based on fear and self-worth issues.

To Book your session Email Jaz: waytothewell [at] gmail [dot] com

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Lesley PhotoLesley Dioniopoulos is an Intuitive Health Coach, Certified Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Vibrational Energy Healer.

As a Holistic Practitioner for the past two decades, Lesley has utilized many different modalities to create internal balance and harmony for the mind, body, Spirit and emotions.

Through experience, Lesley has come to understand that maintaining a healthy, balanced life means that we must attend not only to certain physical dysfunctions that may occur, but that we must care for the whole person including the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self. Lesley brings forth a wealth of knowledge in these areas and looks forward to sharing different tools that you can incorporate into your daily lives. Lesley believes in empowering others to take back their life and start living, not just surviving. Currently Lesley is working on her Aromayoga Teacher Training Certification.

To Book your session Email Lesley: mylife2010 [at] live [dot] ca

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After winning her 17-year battle with anorexia, Kelly Boaz turned her life’s focus to helping others do the same. Kelly is a Holistic Nutritionist (CNP), specializing in eating disorder recovery and helping people heal their challenged relationships with food and the body. She is also a writer and a speaker (TEDx, TDSB) and hopes to inspire others to make peace with food, and find freedom in their own lives.

To Book your session Email Kelly: kelly [at] kellyboaz [dot] com

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Jennifer FebelJennifer Febel is a certified Master Hypnotherapist and Wellness Coach specializing in women who feel overwhelmed, anxious and are looking to regain their passion and spark for life. Using advanced mind-body techniques, Jennifer supports her clients as they step into their magnificence and lets go of their problems. She sees clients out of her home-based space in Bradford, Ontario (just north of Newmarket) and works with clients from all across Simcoe County, York Region and the GTA.

To Book your Session E-mail Jennifer: info [at] livelifeunbroken [dot] com

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Our mission is to let people know that no one is broken so they can recognize their own worth and step into their magnificence.

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Women's Weekend; Wellness Weekend; Bliss B4 Laundry; Women's Retreat: OntarioMichelle Vodrazka is a transformational nutrition coach, culinary nutrition expert, personal trainer, yoga instructor, and author of two cookbooks, Smart Snacking for Sports andHelp Yourself to Seconds as well  as the proud mother of four children. Michelle’s journey into nutrition started when she was able to help her youngest daughter overcome autism through diet and supplementation. She is a big believer that the way you eat, move, and think is the secret to a healthy, happy life.

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As a certified nutritionist, culinary nutrition expert, personal trainer and yoga instructor, I privately coach clients and consult with businesses, both locally and internationally. I also host workshops, nutrition and cooking classes, and share my knowledge of nutrition and healthy living at various public events.

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