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Schedule Your Activities and Sessions at Mansfield Outdoor Centre

Important Note 1: This page is for participants who have completed the registration process for the Bliss Weekend at Mansfield Outdoor Centre, February 2016. If you have NOT registered yet, please complete the process here first.

Important Note 2: Workshops, group and outdoors activities are included in your registration price. One-to-one sessions have an additional cost. You might not choose to participate in sessions. If that’s the case, you won’t need to make a payment.

Important Note 3: When you go to book below, you will be able to register for group activities, your one-to-one sessions (if you want them), and your ONE communal cooking or communal cleaning session.

Important Note 4: Remember, you do not need to sign up or choose workshops. You will have the opportunity to attend all workshops offered on the weekend.

Ready to Book?

Make sure you have a look at the Weekend Welcome Package (PDF) first. You likely received it from us by email already.  We recommend you print the package if possible – it has lots of helpful information. And it is helpful to have a copy of the schedule with you when you are ready to book your activities.

Buy TWO 30-minute one-to-one sessions for $80! – Save $10!
(Each session is $45 if purchased individually) 

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