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Your own words mean so much!

Your own words mean so much! And we’ll share them in our blog too.

Writing a post about your participation at Bliss B4 Laundry is a great way to get into the essence of what you love about our concept and why you decided to participate.

You can share your answer to questions such as:

  1. What happens when we live on autopilot?
  2. What happens to our dreams when we ignore the wisdom of our soul?
  3. Who hears our heartsong if we’re too busy to listen?

You can also go into more detail about the workshop you will present at Bliss. You can mention and make reference to the other workshops and types of activities programmed for the weekend and how much participants will get out of a Bliss weekend.

**If you post about Bliss on your blog or website, let us know! We will re-blog it on our Find Your Bliss blog.

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