Belly Dancing 101

Feel really good in your bare feet as we explore this casual and relaxed approach to finding your own rhythm. Listen to the music and express yourself with shimmies and shakes, and arms like snakes!

Please Bring: Participants are asked to wear comfortable clothes and bring a scarf or sarong to tie around your hips and help accent movements.

Presented By Louisa Pucci

Louisa PucciLouisa Pucci first discovered yoga in 1997 through Belly Dance as one of her senior teachers was also a Hatha yoga instructor. Working through injuries her yoga practice was always there as a guide to clearly reveal the truth about how remarkable and self healing the body and mind connection really is. She quickly fell in love with the practice. As it continued to provide endless opportunities to learn and grow, Louisa decided to train and learn more. She did her training at Yoga Space in Toronto, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Flow with Bibi Hahn, Prenatal with Sasha Pedron, and Ayurveda with Matthew Remski. With love and gratitude she makes room and holds space for anyone curious about the grace and beauty of practicing yoga.

Louisa’s Morning and Evening Sessions

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