Beauty from the Inside Out: Using Food Combining to Optimize Digestion

The workshop will explain food combining and how it plays a role in digestion. It will go into detail about when digestion is minimal there is more energy in the body to create beauty (skin, hair, nails, etc.). Digestion and food combining is truly at the heart of creating beauty from the inside out. This not only benefits the body as more energy is diverted to taking care of metabolic functions, removing toxicity, removing mutated cells and giving one a sense of vibrancy. This added energy also allows one to think clearer and to focus. In terms of spirituality, when the body and mind are functioning optimally we are less stressed and can focus on truly connecting to ourselves, our spirituality, and to our community. Practical tips will be provided on: how to food combine; and how to chart/categorize food.

Presented By Michelle Lall

Michelle LallMichelle Lall is a Holistic Nutritionist and Health Educator based in Toronto, Canada. Her goal is to inspire you to take your health into your own hands through nutrition and food. Nutrition and food have the power to rebuild and heal the body thereby promoting health and wellness – it is Michelle’s goal to show you how.

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