Are You Battling Superwoman Syndrome?

You are in your prime: you have a pretty good career, you have a loving family, and you are involved with community initiatives. On the outside things look good. Then why are you not feeling good on the inside? You might be battling Superwoman Syndrome. Superwoman Syndrome occurs when a woman is constantly striving to accomplish everything possible to please others in her life and not putting herself as a top priority.This workshop will give you an opportunity to explore how Superwoman Syndrome occurs and whether it has crept up in your life. We will also talk about ways to combat it, and allow ourselves to be the authentic, amazing women we already are.

Presented By Vaishali Patel

Vaishali PatelVaishali Patel is a private practice psychotherapist working in Downtown Toronto who has waged a personal and professional battle against Superwoman Syndrome. She received her Master’s Degree in Community Counseling at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro (UNCG), and currently holds certification with The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association. She has been counselling since 2003, and worked in the field of Employee Assistance Programming (EAP) for more than six of those years, gaining experience and a greater understanding of the importance of work life balance, and overall wellness of individuals.

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