The wisdom of the winter blues.

You’re now ready to start 2016!

January gives you the opportunity to ‘get ready’, ‘pumped’, ‘excited’ to start a new year.

But then the winter hits…and sometimes it hits hard. You might fall again into routine and unexpectedly be affected by the winter blues!

What if, instead, we could learn something from these dark, short, cold months?

Winter is a time to go inward. To reflect, contemplate and replenish. This is the time of year – if you check in with your body’s natural rhythm – that you want to slow down, rest and press the PAUSE button. It is a chance to get more grounded and back in touch with ourselves.

close your eyes

And if think about it this way, we are at the end of one cycle – colder weather, shorter days, darker months – and preparing for the beginning of another one – cooler temperatures, nature revival, warmer sun.

The Wheel of the Year continues its course.

For the first time, Bliss B4 Laundry will run a Winter Wonderland Bliss Weekend! Our winter program will focus very intentionally on bringing your mind, body and soul into balance. We have included programming to nurture these three areas of your being.

And because it’s winter and it’s in our nature to get cozy in colder weather, we are going to stick together throughout the weekend as much as possible!

Join soulful, like-minded women in an empowering and nurturing environment. This winter Bliss Weekend is designed to nourish you from the “inside-out” and to offer you the space to hear what you most need to hear about your next steps in life.


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