I can’t draw or paint, even if my life depended on it!

I just bought a colouring book. At first I thought it was silly. Really. A colouring book? But I’m always in desperate need to find ways to ‘calm my mind.’  I’ve tried everything. So I decided to give this one a try too. (I actually got really excited when I had in my hand a box of coloured pencils…all sharpened and pretty looking!).

And so the next night I started. I picked an easy one to start. It’s a sketch of a city. One that has large objects and big lines. I carefully chose the colour combination and was very careful not to colour outside the lines (uff! it’s a challenge!). But I managed and I enjoyed it. The next night I did a little bit more and the night after that a little more.


Have I noticed a big change in calming my mind? I don’t know yet. I do find I zone out and I feel ‘I’m here’, in the present, in the moment; much like the feeling I get when I cook.

Sarah on the other hand, paints beautifully. Put a brush or a pencil in her hand and she creates beauty. And it’s through art and creativity that she’s been able to find inner peace and tranquility.


She’s always insisted we have an artist come to our Bliss B4 Laundry weekends to allow other women experience how art can help heal. And this time around, we have found Lynn LeCorre-Dallaire.

Lynn LeCorre-Dallaire is a practicing artist, art educator, certified health coach and self-professed tree hugger! The tree is a metaphor for her life – a life filled with many branches (or passions). She grounds herself in good nutrition and soulfully roots herself in art, to fuel her energy and balance the many branches of her life.

And rooting yourself in art is not a bad idea. I found this article that talks about 10 Great Health Benefits Of Painting And Drawing. The article explains:

“given the various health benefits of painting and drawing, it is clear these activities can be very useful in promoting the welfare of an individual. Aside from improving mental and emotional capabilities, an individual may enjoy improved sensory and motor skills through constant painting and drawing. As anyone can engage in painting and drawing, these activities are definitely worth a try.”

happiness brain

Lynn believes ‘the arts and creativity’ are one of the missing links in connecting our physical, emotional and spiritual selves to a life of wellness and fulfillment. When we do not allow ourselves to be expressive or creative, we close off a part of our soul.

She says that drawing can be a meditative past time to allow us to unwind and ‘de-stress’ in our busy lives. It is a form of self-expression and a focus building skill, as it is engaging. She believes everyone CAN learn how to draw.

At Bliss B4 Laundry’s Wellness Weekend at Camp Kawartha, Lynn will use the tree as a metaphor of life, how does a tree represent your life? You will discover this through your unique tree drawing. In her workshop Lynn will guide you (step by step) in learning to look at nature (a tree) and deconstruct it into simple lines, shapes, and textures using traditional drawing tools. You will not only leave with a simple tree drawing, but also with renewed confidence that you CAN draw!

I’m taking time OFF from the kitchen this September weekend to draw my tree!!!

We still have some spots left! Join us September 25-27 at Camp Kawartha, Lakefield, Ontario.


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