Energy. It makes the world go round. But what is it exactly?

Energy is

Science shows us that everything is made up of energy. It is neither created nor destroyed. It is the building block of all matter. The energy that composes your body is the same energy that composes the bricks of the house you live in, your car, your phone, animals, trees and so forth. It’s all the same. It is constantly at flow, changing form all the time.

Since energy is essential for maintaining the CAUbnHlVIAAgWcUorder of the universe, it is therefore the life force that sustains us all. As the human mind and body are purely composed of energy, negative energy retained in the mind and body can upset our mental and physical well-being. But if we learn to harness the energy that surrounds us, we will be able to get rid of the accumulated negative energies, and tap into the abundant source of positive energy in the universe. We can experience true healing in our mind, body and spirit when we learn to clear, cleanse and work with our own personal energy fields.

Velvet Williamson Presents on Energy at Bliss

Velvet Williamson; Women's Weekend; Women's Retreat; Bliss B4 Laundry; Camp Kawartha; Wellness WeekendWe’re so lucky to have Velvet Williamson join us at Bliss B4 Laundry Wellness Weekend at Camp Kawartha. In her workshop, Velvet will teach you how energy affects us, both positively and negatively. You will learn how to clear yourself from negative vibrations and turn yourself into a human magnet that attracts all the good life has to offer.

She will take you through a guided past life regression meditation and help you put the puzzle pieces together of what a ‘whole’-istic life really is. Find balance within yourself and your surroundings while becoming more intuitive.

Velvet will also teach you how aromatherapy oils and crystals can help you from an energetic and physical point of view.

We promise you will leave the workshop with new knowledge, a sense of balance and a positive outlook on life!

Hear it from Velvet:

Source: One Mind One EnergyYang-Sheng

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