Learning to care better for yourself – Three simple steps

What is self-care?

Self-care is recognizing, nurturing and taking care of our emotional, physical and spiritual needs – so basically our mind, body and soul. Everyone has these needs and everyone must take care of them in order to feel healthy, balanced and happy. Only you know best what your needs are.

When learning to care better for yourself you can try these three things:

Step 1: Recognize what you are doing! Step back from your life – even if just for a few minutes and take stock of all that you are doing. Here’s a little exercise. Take five minutes at the end of a day before you go to bed, and write down every single thing you did that day. Make a big long laundry list! Then go back through your list. And this time you are looking for something very specific. Look for all the points in your day where you did something just for yourself. Look for the examples of where you took care of your mind, body and soul needs. Did you do something for yourself simply to feel joyful? Did you do something just to care for your own physical needs (like exercise or eating a healthy meal)? Did you do something to reconnect with your passions in life? Take stock of the balance of your day. Did you care for YOU today? And if the answer is no, then you have work to do!

B07N5X Woman writing a diary or journal at home

Step 2: Re-member who you are! Take time to be present – that means focus on this moment – not what happened yesterday or worry about what will be happening tomorrow. Just focus on now. Take some deep breaths, feet flat on the floor to ground yourself and get centered. And then pay attention to that little knowing inside yourself. Because that is where you know yourself best. And then ask yourself – how do I love to take care of my emotional needs? That’s anything to do with your mental health, your relationships, how you deal with stress, etc. What kinds of things do I love to do.

meditation women4

Step 3: Ditch the guilt and the laundry! See the importance of self-care and get deliberate about doing things you need to feel well in mind, body and soul. Try this: Make a Bliss Jar! Write things you love to do for yourself, inspirational quotes, ways to feel joy, things you feel gratitude about all down on separate pieces of paper and put them in your Bliss Jar! When you are feeling like you need a reminder to focus on yourself – take out one of your reminders and make a commitment to do it in the next few days!


To learn more, join us at one of Bliss B4 Laundry’s Wellness Weekends for Women across Ontario!

 Weekends coming up:

  • September 25-27 at Camp Kawartha – Lakefield ON.
  • November 6-8 at Circle Square Ranch – Brantford, ON.
  • February 19-21 at Mansfield Outdoor Centre – Toronto, ON.

Visit our website at www.blissb4laundry.com to learn more about the weekend and register today!

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