A gift for you! – FREE 21 days of pure Bliss!!

We want to offer you a present!

We are incredibly honoured to introduce Megan Campbell to you. She is a Yoga teacher, teacher trainer, modern day mystic, Host of TV’s ‘Yoga for Women’, and international retreat/trip leader.

Megan is a great supporter of Bliss B4 Laundry and we love her beautiful soul.

She is providing us all with a FREE 21-day Yogini Yoga Journey. Learn more about Megan and the Yoga Journey in the video and join us on the journey! 

This journey will provide you with practices, tools, meditations, and more to keep you inspired along your path as you move forward! No experience necessary!

Journey starts TOMORROW Tuesday, June 23th! Be sure to register before then http://bit.ly/1IPsUIS 

You can also sign up for her email newsletter to get FREE yoga practices sent right to your Inbox!

Join us for these 21 days of continuous Bliss!! You won’t regret it!

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