Remembering My First Bliss Weekend

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Written by Treena Hill

It has been eight months since the very first Bliss B4 Laundry weekend took place, eight months of battles, tears, awakenings, more battles and acceptance. Eight months that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

When my writing friend first told me about Bliss we both agreed that if nothing else, perhaps we could find a nice quiet spot to work on our short stories, a change of scenery to recharge our muses and perhaps enhance our current projects. I personally came home with much, much more.

My whole life up to this point I had wondered to the brink of sobbing tears, why was I here? What was my purpose? Was it to have my children? Well, I did that, now what? There had to be a reason, even if it was the most miniscule of reasons.

Throw in hormones, a very negative inner voice, low self esteem and presto, you have me, a woman in her early forties battling depression and the weight of the world, but mostly herself.

A week before the Bliss weekend I can remember being in a terrible, low down, dirty funk. I had told one of my friends that this was it, I wasn’t going to feel this way anymore. I would not let it dictate my life any longer. I was done.

At the time I didn’t realize that I had set a positive intention to change my life, but the Universe sure did. A week later that intention had metaphorically opened a door that I didn’t even know existed inside myself.

At the weekend, I had signed up for a singing lesson. Now I love to sing, I just have difficulties doing it in front of people. But here I was facing my fear and singing Amazing Grace in front of a complete stranger. I surprised even myself and once the fear stepped out of the way I was super excited! My legs were shaking, I had butterflies in my stomach and I felt amazing.

As the weekend continued and I went from workshop to workshop, I picked up tools and information that I could use towards battling my funk. I began to meditate and look deeper inside myself. I felt empowered, excited, strong and fearless. A whole new me was beginning to emerge, one that I didn’t know, but that I was interested to meet.

Immersed in the beauty of nature the weekend was turning out to be a well organized evenly balanced approach to testing one’s limits of self thought and creative forces.

As I drove home, I reflected upon my experiences and I was amazed at how comfortable I felt surrounded by complete strangers. Eighty women who were totally different from me yet so similar.

We all had left the laundry at home, took deep breaths and ventured forward into the unknown to find our lost and misplaced selves.

Thanks to Bliss I found the person that I was missing – me. I found the person who was supposed to be in charge of my life – me. I found the one and only person that can change my life and make those changes stick – me.

women's weekend; women's retreat; wellness weekend; wellness; women; spirituality; journalling; writing;  blog post; past participant; Bliss B4 Laundry
Treena with friends old and new at Camp Kawartha 2014

I no longer wonder why I am here. The further I go down this path using the tools I have learned, the clearer my purpose becomes. My path is still bumpy and it has its dark patches but now there is an ever-burning light reminding me that as long as I believe in myself the possibilities of me are endless.

Treena Hill attended the first Bliss B4 Laundry Wellness Weekend for Women – at Camp Kawartha – October 2014.

Treena is a Member of the 2015 Bliss Team!

Treena has joined the Bliss Team as a presenter for 2015. She will be presenting her workshop “Journalling: A Path to Finding Your Inner Compass” at Christie Lake Camp, June 12-14, 2015!

Register now for Christie Lake and get $50 off!

Learn More about Treena’s Workshop at Christie Lake


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