Want a Free Session at Bliss?

At Bliss B4 Laundry you have lots of opportunities to meet privately with amazing, fantastic, super-awesome practitioners that can help you go deeper on wellness issues that interest you.

And now until August 20, you can get one of those sessions for FREE!

How? You ask.

It’s simple.

Grab a group of the women you cherish most in life – your sisters, mothers, besties, colleagues, grandmas, neighbours, and friends – and make sure you get no less than eight of you registered by August 20. Then we will give each of you a free 15-minute Passport to Healing session of your choosing!

special offer 3

Take a look at the great sessions you can choose from:

  • Angel Card Reading with Cheryl Storey
  • 15-Minute Massage Treatment with Dana-Lee LeClair
  • Rescue Your Soul in 15-Minutes: Crash Course in Excellence with Gerri Bird
  • Personalized Emotional Wellness through Forgiveness with Janette Trent
  • Emotional Clearing and Balancing with Essential Oils with Lesley Dionissopoulos
  • Find Focus with Lesley Halcro
  • Crystal Clearing with Lynda Sutherland-Taylor
  • Quick! Connect the Dots to Your Health Dilemma with a Holistic Nutritionis with Michelle Lall
  • Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing with Paula Stableford
  • Osteopathy: Impact Restoration with Valerie MacLean

Read the descriptions of these sessions, here.

Note: This offer is open to BOTH women who have not registered yet AND women who are already registered for Bliss!

To take advantage of this offer, follow these steps:

1. Talk to your ladies and get your group together!
2. Then get everyone registered by August 20.
(The registration form will ask you to enter the names of women in your group)

It’s that easy!

Already Registered?
If you or someone in your group is already registered for Bliss, ensure that you or that person goes to this page to let us know you want the special offer and which session you choose!
No need to go back through the registration process.

We hope you can take advantage of this limited-time offer! We want you to have the chance to meet with our amazing practitioners!


Sarah & Gaby

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Five years ago, life handed me an unexpected gift. It wasn't wrapped in pretty paper. And at first I didn't want to have anything to do with it. But the time has come to out myself. I am a writer and an artist. I am a mother. I am a loving wife. I am a devoted sister, daughter and friend. And I live a full life. And oh yah... I have bipolar disorder. Read the hopeful stories I tell on my blog at www.rootsb4branches.org.

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