The excitement!

We never thought we would get this busy! Wow!! What started as a dream and a fun project is becoming an incredible reality!

Sarah and I haven’t stopped! Busy lives, busy minds, busy times….But we did it! And we love it!!

We have been able to put together such a fun event that we wish someone else would run it so we can be part of all the fun, learning, sharing…

The most exciting part of all is seeing how much need and want there is out there for this! We don’t lie when we say you’re all our inspiration.

And so we’re ready! We’re ready to create a network, a tradition, a loving community of women ready to take over their lives and re-member who we are and how much we are here to experience, love and share.

Join us! Pass it on! Love with us!

Grab your best of friends, your sis, your mom, all the beautiful women in your life and spend 35+ hours with like-minded women, surrounded by nature, eating glorious food, sharing, learning, soaking, smiling, dancing, spa-ing.

Thank you all…and see you at Bliss!


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